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Welcome to the family

We've been blessed to serve our community over the years. And once you've been a part of our sale, you're family. So...welcome to our JBF Family!

A mom and her three kids stand in front of a rack of girls clothes at their local BF sale.

 Jennifer and Michele

We get it, raising kids is expensive! That's why we wanted to bring Just Between Friends to our community—to provide a way for families to take great care of their growing kids by shopping and selling!

Our Family

We are busy mom's, just like you!  We know how expensive it is to raise children today. Between the two of us, we're raising five teenagers and we're so thankful to be JBF besties as we tackle all of the challenges and joys that come with teens!

We started shopping at JBF over 10 years ago and we're thankful for the savings it has brought to our families over the years. Then when we started selling our kids' stuff, we got to earn cash too!

We love making the JBF sale happen twice a year so that you can shop and sell with us!

Our Team

Each JBF sale is a community effort and we are so thankful for all of the helpers who make it happen! Sellers who are able to help at the sale get to shop earlier and earn more!

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