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You're going to love clearing out your clutter and passing along great quality items to local families. 

We're here to show you how. 

Download your Seller Guide to get started on these steps: Gather, Sort, Price, Prep and Drop Off

Complete Seller Guide

Guides and Groups

Mom and grandmother stand together, a few pieces of clothing in grandmom's hands, as they shop together for their family.

This guide will help you know what to sell (and what not to sell) at this upcoming sale. 

Seasonal Guide
A mom and her two kids stand in the shoe section for a happy family photo.

Download our Safety Guide for required waivers and the latest recall & safety information. 

A cashier smiles behind her mask as she gets ready to check out the next happy JBF customer.

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Power Consignors

Do you have over 400 items tagged? Congrats you are a power consignor! 

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Facebook Party

Want to learn more? Have questions? Join us on July 12th at 9pm 

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Supply Pick Up

We will be at Total Turf  Experience on 

July 22 and August 11th

Pre-order supplies for pick up

Crib Waiver

If you are consigning a crib, please fill out this waiver. We cannot accept cribs maufactured before June 2011

Crib waiver

Car Seat Waiver

If you are consigning a car seat, it must be less than 5 years old and it must have a waiver attached to it.

Car seat waiver

Express Drop off

If you don't have time to put your items out on the sales floor, we will do it for you! ($)

Express Drop off

Sale Time Info

Now, when it comes time for the sale, here are all the details that you need to know!

Join the Team

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Drop Off

Schedule your Drop Off  times/appointments.

Drop off appointments

Sale Schedule

See the details: Drop Off, Presale, Public Sale, Sort & Pick Up.

Drop off, pick up, pre-sale shopping

Reduce and Donate

And we will credit your consignor fee back to you.

Reduce and donate form

Have Questions? Still Confused? Join Our Consignor 101 Facebook party

RSVp for August 4th at 9pm

Selling Step-by-Step:

Ready to start selling? Follow these steps! Need more help? Join our Facebook CONSIGNOR group where you can find lots of helpful tips, tricks and a whole community of other savvy sellers online.

A mom and her four-year-old son stand with their masks and shopping bag in front of baskets of books and costumes.

1. Register to sell at the upcoming sale

Now Open- start tagging today

2. Prepare and Tag your Items

View the Consignor guide for help and tips

3. Schedule your Team Member shift if you want to shop earlier & earn more!

Team member schedule now open

4. Schedule your Drop Off Appointment

Schedule a drop off time

5. Fill out your Electric Consignor Waiver

Consignor Waiver

6.  Drop Off, Shop the Pre-sale & Watch your Seller check grow!

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Preparing your items

Watch the following videos to see how to prepare all of your items.

Tagging Supplies

Tagging Clothing

Tagging Shoes

Tagging Large Items

Tagging Books & More

Tagging Toys

Tagging Bedding

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